Our bodies are made to move 


Welcome… I am glad you are here! I am Michelle…

As a Physical Therapist working in the world of eating disorders, I often hear the phrase “food is medicine”.

In a similar framework, movement is the medicine that I prescribe for my patients.

Movement is the language that I speak. I identify strongly with body diversity and encourage everyBODY to share in the quest toward “healthy movement” as part of their lifestyle.

 Regardless of body size, our bodies are made to move…

The desire for movement that many individuals express does not go away when we hit the pause button for treatment…

and it should not.

Instead of shying from those difficult conversations, let’s lean in and get uncomfortable.  

Let’s empower individuals to feel their bodies evolve in a positive way through treatment as they head toward recovery.

Our bodies are made to move…and movement is my medicine.

Perhaps your journey is toward recovery from an eating disorder, or you are a female athlete working through injury, or you are a new momma trying to return to exercise safely… allow me to empower you to reclaim, become strong and live in your body.


As a physical therapist, I am uniquely positioned to partner with my clients to meet their goals directed toward long-term health benefits. Not only am I able to restore function, promote the ability to move, and reduce pain; but I have the knowledge to develop personalized wellness- and fitness-oriented programs to promote a healthy lifestyle… regardless of the presence of eating disorder or muscular/pelvic floor dysfunction AND regardless of body size. 


Let me just start by saying that if you’re ever having one of those days where it’s tough to crack a smile, Michelle Laging has one of those smiles that can easily turn your frown upside down. She has an amazing spirit about her. She has an enormous amount of passion for her field and her clients are always front and center. Michelle is not only intelligent, unique, beautiful inside and out, she is also not afraid to be vulnerable with her practice and her clients. When you have the opportunity to work with this woman you will want to soak up all encouragement and support she lends and continue chasing the zest of life.

Mandi Rector

Director of Regional Outreach, Alsana

Why  physical  therapy?

Physical Therapists prescribe movement as their medicine… with the goal to assist clients in prevention or management of their condition for long-term health benefits. Various treatment techniques may reduce pain (if present), promote and enhance movement ability, restore function, and prevent disability.


Additionally, Physical Therapists may assist in the development of wellness- and fitness- oriented programs for a healthier lifestyle (courtesy www.apta.org).

The path to recovery is different for everyBODY. Your story might include recovery from an eating disorder, management of a sprained ankle or pelvic floor dysfunction, or integration of meaningful/safe movement in an evolving pre & postpartum body… or, perhaps, all of the above!


Regardless of your story, Michelle at Movement is Medicine can assist you with achieving YOUR goals.


How Movement is Medicine supports you

Physical Therapy services are a vital component of the care team during hospital-based medical stabilization and treatment for eating disorders.  Key members of the team typically include medical doctor, therapist, dietitian, etc.… However, after medical stabilization, physical therapy services are not yet considered standard of care.  Musculoskeletal system and the pelvic floor impairments, along with effective coaching on re-integration of movement, are not resolved upon the discharge to the next level of care.  This is a conversation that needs to be continued . . . this is where Movement is Medicine can assist.

Michelle specializes in...

  • Diagnosis & treatment of dysfunctional movement patterns associated with pain (low back, hip, knee, etc.)

  • Optimizing the potential of the Female Athlete through the lifespan, with a focus on the core and pelvic floor

  • Pre & postpartum safe return to exercise & sport, with specific support to assist with re-connection with body and management of potential body dysmorphia 

  • Integration of movement in alliance with Body Positive and HAES® eating disorder & disordered eating treatment (AN-R, AN-BP, BED, ARFID, atypical anorexia, exercise addiction, compulsive exercise)

Services offered...

  • Progressive, evidence-based, and individualized strengthening & stretching programs

  • Experiential movement support

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation

  • Functional dry needling & Kinesiology taping

  • Mobilization (joint & soft tissue)

About  Movement is Medicine

Movement is Medicine was founded by Michelle Laging PT, DPT a physical therapist with 11-years of experience in physical therapy specific to individuals with eating disorders.  


As the thought leader and architect for the physical therapy mobility program at the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health, Michelle utilized her clinical skills to devise a program to best serve this delicate patient population.  


She developed and wrote a physical therapy specific treatment protocol, initiated and revised movement protocols in coordination with an interdisciplinary team (typically consisting of medical doctors, therapists, dietitians, etc.), participated in research, provided outreach to local universities, shared the unit with job shadows and students, and continues to explore appropriate interventions to provide the most robust evidence-based care possible.  Most importantly, however, Michelle has been the vessel in assisting patients in the restoration of their function and directing them toward the reclamation of their quality of life.

Throughout her hospital-based experience and now coupled with her outpatient encounters, Michelle recognizes the need for greater pelvic floor literacy.  She has noticed the parallel between individuals with eating disorders and women pre-/postpartum in regard to decreased body awareness along with potential pelvic floor dysfunction. Through her movement-based interventions, Michelle offers creative solutions to individuals experiencing a negative connection with their body (typically known as body dysmorphia) AND actively invites her clients to reclaim and live in their bodies.  Michelle has done extensive training to become a pelvic floor physical therapist and can provide both external and internal evaluation and assessment to treat known or suspected pelvic floor dysfunction.   

As a weight-inclusive and HAES® informed practitioner, Michelle is excited to partner with clients that are ready to connect with their bodies and instill movement as a positive component to their lifestyle… regardless of the presence of an eating disorder pathology or pelvic floor dysfunction AND regardless of body size.


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Michelle is a rare find – with her passion and expertise, she addresses an area all too often neglected in the recovery process, yet one which brings great reward and a sense of ‘whole person’ care. She is hugely motivated and driven to keep refining and tuning her programs, to ensure optimal results for both body and mind. How joyful, uplifting and enabling to have her specialist knowledge and care...and to be with her, a real delight!’

Former Client

May 2019

A weak body commands.  A strong body obeys.