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Our Process Together

  • 15-minute “Discovery”  Phone Consultation:    

    • Quick chat to understand our partnership potential to meet your goals


  • Dysfunctional Exercise/Eating Disorder Initial (90-minutes):

    • Full assessment regarding your relationship with exercise/movement in the setting of an eating disorder.  Support in how to reintegrate meaningful and joyful movement back into life within a recovery-focus.  


  • Pelvic Health Initial (90-minutes):

    • Full pelvic health assessment paced accordingly to what is appropriate for you at the time of the session. 

  • Orthopedic Initial (90-minutes):

    • Full assessment that is most appropriate if you suspect an orthopedic injury, such as a sprained ankle or low back pain, and are interested in corrective exercise, mobilization, and education on posture and body mechanics.


  • All Follow-Up Visits (60-minutes):

    • Continued assessment, advancement and/or modification of exercise prescription, and all intervention as deemed appropriate and best practice to meet individual treatment plan goals


  • Experiential Movement Support (anticipate 2-hours):             

    • Guided support with introduction or re-introduction to group-based movement or outdoor activity, includes preparation immediately prior to integration into chosen activity and discussion/process time post-activity completion.

  • Functional Dry Needling Initial (30-minutes):

    • This session is for newbies to dry needling.  Perhaps you have some experience with needling but aren't quite sure what would be beneficial.  Let's figure it out together.  

  • Tune-Up Functional Dry Needling (15-minutes):

    • This session is for veterans to dry needling.  Intended to be a quick treatment, tell me where we need to go & let's get it done!

*Additionally, Michelle offers services for clinicians/providers as an iaedp™  Approved Supervisor for case consultation/supervision and general mentorship; if interested, please contact for more information.

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