The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Hello, my name is Michelle… I am an Enneagram #4

Okay, so that is not really how I introduce myself, but have you heard of the Enneagram? Considered a personality test, it is reflected in a nine-pointed symbol that represents nine different strategies to relate to self, others, and the world. The word, enneagram, comes from the Greek words “ennea”, which means nine, and “grammo”, which means written symbol. Each Enneagram type experiences a different pattern of acting, thinking and feeling because of their worldview or deeper internal motivator.

Just to provide some basic information, the Enneagram is divided into 3 different components that, roughly, equate to the following “centers”:

8, 9, and 1’s are considered from “the gut center” and are instinctual

2, 3, and 4’s are considered from “the heart center” and are feelers

5, 6, and 7’s are considered from “the head center” and are thinkers

I am (drum roll, please!)… 4w3. My dominant traits fall within those of the 4, but my “w” or “wing” is 3… meaning that I have some of those traits as well.

Being at the heart center, as a 4, I am identified as Individualistic. I attend to the connection and relationship of others with the desire to feel value and love from others. Possessing the gift of connection, I often feel that something is missing and/or that I am different from everyone else. Because I am in tune with the depth of tenderness in the soul, I may be the most self-aware and honest emotionally. Creative and expressive secondary to my unique orientation to the world, I can be sensitive, intuitive, subtle, and sometimes blend within the background. Because of my desire for uniqueness, I can sometimes be moody, hypersensitive, withdrawn, or self-absorbed.

So, adding in the description for the 3, it sounds like I strive to be unique and outstanding. Some pretty interesting information to work with and continue to learn from!

Want more? Check out the following:

Free tests are available online and I took mine through www.eclecticenergies.com

Check out www.enneagraminstitute.com or www.enneagramworldwide.com if you are interested in workshops or participating in a more rigorous, paid screening

Listen to the following podcast, it has a great description of the different types and is easy to follow: Meathead Hippie #72: What’s Your Enneagram Number? September 26, 2018

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